gb technician

by collin thibodeauxx

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s/o road dogs (drew lanzafama, joel alicea)
s/o citrus
thanks family

for alex


released September 8, 2015

all songs written and recorded by me collin thibodeauxx



all rights reserved


collin thibodeauxx Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: queen bee
in these woods u get lost
u have work but you took off
"i'm in love" you told ur boss
she said "go find another job"

i've been living such a lie
you've been living like a queen
if she knew how hard i tried
i feel just like a worker bee

and he walks like me
and he talks like me
and he fucks like me
god i wish he was me
Track Name: work friends
if u wanted anything
then tell me cause my thumb is green
i get shy, i can't compete
sometimes i don't know what that means

it's all that we know
it's all that we grow

she told me, she warned me once
but stood by me thru all my stunts
she told me keep my mouth shut
but i don't listen, no not once

his headlight is broken out
i'm feeling like i wanna shout
he's spitting foam, foam at the mouth
all my work friends just look about

it's all that we know
it's all that we grow
Track Name: it's fine
wasting, i'm wasting
everything that i'm making
it's so frustrating
when she keeps on lactating

and u piss me off
with a grain of salt
would u take me home?
set me on ur throne?

is made in melody
ur timing is shitty
i still think she's pretty

saw you holding hands
with another boy
thought i was ur friend
or am i just some toy?

throw me on the ground
because i just annoy
drag me all around
just to fill some void
Track Name: in-a-rut
listen my voice and it sounds so unpronounced
would you care if i showed up unannounced?

look at my life, you can see it's so fucked up
sick of this silence i might just call u up
back in these clothes and it seems i'm in a rut
vacuum cleaner that sucks out all the fun