nothing buttrock

by collin thibodeauxx

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recorded in my bedroom(s) in richmond and stafford, virginia
cassette coming soon via citrus city records

**s/o drew lanzafama , s/o joel alicea ; road dogs 4 lyfe**


released June 30, 2015

all music written & recorded by me collin thibodeauxx
thanks 2 gavin thibodeau for helping mix a couple tracks
album artwork is my highschool cross country photo



all rights reserved


collin thibodeauxx Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: cold turkey
if this is what i deserve
i'm at the edge of the world
sometimes i feel so sick
i take off all of my clothes

i dance away the night
and i dance all day
she makes me feel alright
she makes me feel okay

ur all i think about
i hear ur voice at night
sometimes i feel your touch
but it's cold as ice

how do i get thru to you?
ur head is hard as a rock
but ur heart is like goo
it's so fucking soft
Track Name: nudes
when i step outside i know you are close
if i really wanna know i put ur name in my phone
i guess i really don't cuz i let u go by
i could be romantic if i tried

and then you sent me nudes

if things were different would you hate me
maybe nxt time you'll play it safely
it's summer all year i broke my ac
i'm sitting inside and getting pasty

and then you sent me nudes
i hope my call went thru
Track Name: designated driver
u know u hurt me
i feel so sorry
come complete me
out on the par 3

oh (fill me up)
with something
shit (be my own)
darth vader
know (if you want)
to go there
with (all ur friends)
then im sober

dont think im ready
im feeling sweaty
im breathing heavy
please someone let me

look (up and down)
and not see much
life (without you)
alone at lunch
i (feel so bare)
and then we touch
now (argue points)
with no crutch
Track Name: tame
what do you think of me?
could i fill the spaces in between
when everything's just how it seems
just what more could u ask of me?

it's all just politics
how u make me feel like a piece of shit
somehow i'm still not sick of it
i sleep at night like a pile of bricks

and we're so different-- but still the same
i'm having trouble keeping tame

what do you think of me?
when i drink too much around company
couldn't help myself but to make a scene
everyone ends up h8ing me

it's all just politics
how some girls end up loving pricks
when all the pieces seem to fit
and i sleep at night like a sinking ship

and we're so different-- but still the same
i'm having trouble keeping tame
Track Name: get sum
i dont wanna wake up like this
i just hope u feel so selfish
all my classes feel so pointless
i just get so disappointed

i wanna
i gotta
i wanna

i just need some advertisements
get my mind off ur two-timing
my calculator is shiny
kind of like the car he's driving

my basket is almost empty
i broke all my eggs while aging
but this girl i met has plenty
we don't have no time to study

i wanna
i gotta
i wanna
i got some

i wanna
(think it all thru when u call me
i was tripping good when u saw me)
Track Name: chilling
someone help me
i'm drowning in ur wake
it's so refreshing
the way you make it taste

i think she's choosing
but she ain't choosing me
it's weighing on my chest
now it's bruising me

let's-- chill-- on-- my-- couch

and now it's raining
i should've stayed inside
and i'm complaining
in you i confide

i'm changing outfits
i just can't decide
take a rest babe
ur running thru my mind

let's-- chill-- on-- my-- couch
spit in-- my mouth-- chillin-- my house